The Alcazar

Since I have been missing traveling a lot these days. I decided to write about the most glamorous and gorgeous show in the world. The Alcazar show opened in 1990 is one of the spectacular shows in the heart of Pattaya. Do read the blog until the end because you will get to know why you must not miss this show.

A Short History about the Alcazar show:

The Alcazar

The Alcazar was found and established on November 8th, 1981. Originally, with about 100 performers and staff, the former Alcazar’s theater had a capacity of only 350 seats which were not enough to welcome domestic and foreign visitors.

Therefore, they opened a new grand and modern architectural theater with state-of-the-art light and sound systems, and capacity of about 1,200 seats has opened its doors for visitors from all over the world since February 9th, 1990.

And now The Alcazar show is globally famous with the reputation of the best transvestite cabaret show in Thailand.

My Experience:

Trust me I had no idea that I will ever be going to Alcazar. The best part of our travel trip was that everything was a surprise. We were called downstairs to the hotel in the evening time and then we had a leisurely drive to the venue. When we reached there, I was stunned by looking at the poster and the gigantic crowd out there. I was so excited to learn about a new culture in Thailand.

The VIP seats were booked for us. And as the curtains were open, “The Wondrous World” began. Glittering costumes, flashing lights, and vibrant backdrops caught my eye as I was settling in for this exhilarating show. Looking at them I was wondering how perfectly beautiful they are. If you are unaware of, you cannot imagine that these female actresses were male from origin! The show takes you through different countries and their cultures. You will see a good variety of acts including Korean K-Pop, Persian, Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Russian. During the 70-minute show, you will see 17 acts that showcase the culture, dance, and song of various countries around the world. The beautiful and colorful stage sets change with each act. The music is extraordinary and the usage of light was excellent. The changes between performances are flawless.

The Alcazar

The best way to enjoy this show is to get a VIP seat. Trust me on this it’s going to be value for money. And in the middle of the show, there came a cute fat guy with a funny dance performance. This guy gets down and does real crazy stuff. So he came to my friend and did a crazy striptease (I can’t stop laughing while typing this) the only thing my friend did was requested him to stop it. I and my friend sitting beside him couldn’t control our laughter. Then that guy gave a whimsical expression to me and when ahead entertaining more people in the line.  And the rest of the show was spectacular, especially when they performed on our Indian music. I found myself clapping my hands and tapping my toes enjoying the music that I never heard before.

Booking Tickets for The Alcazar Show:

1. Since it’s a very famous show I highly recommend you book the ticket in advance, as the tickets get sold out faster.

2. The ticket price starts at 600 TBH.

3. If you are booking the tickets online please be careful of the online scams and book your ticket from a trusted website.

4. By purchasing the tickets online, you can secure your seat at a reasonable price and save time from queue at the ticket counter.

The Alcazar

How to get to the Alcazar Theatre:

The Alcazar Show’s theater is located at 78/14 Pattaya 2nd Road, very close to the Central Plaza Marina Pattaya shopping mall.

  • If you buy the VIP tickets the journey will just start from outside the theatre. You will get comfortable and leisurely travel. Once you reach the venue just follow the guide to your reserved seats featuring impeccable views of the stage.
  • The other ways to reach the venue is through tuk-tuk, taxi, baht bus, or motorcycle taxi.

The show is family-friendly and that is why there is no restriction on age limit and kids are welcomed to watch this show. Their performances are so beautiful and no inappropriate act is performed by them and that is why the show is suitable for all the ages. 

After the show taking Pictures with the Performers:

After the show, you can click the picture with all the beautiful performers at 100 TBH per picture.

The Alcazar

Is Alcazar show worth seeing?

YES! 100 % worth it. If you enjoy learning about different cultures and always want to fill your trip by learning many local cultural values, the Alcazar Show is a must-watch stage. The Alcazar show is a must-see for local visitors or foreigners!

The Alcazar

I hope you Enjoy this small video. A small glimpse of the show!

I am glad that you made it to the end of the blog. This blog must be that it bought some value for you.

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I am grateful for all the love ans support that I have been receiving from you guys. I will keep coming up with more valuable content.

I appreciate you all! Stay Safe!

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  1. Very beautiful show, loved the way you have penned it down honey. The video is amazing!! I know the kind of efforts you have put to write down the blogs and it’s all worth it!! I am so proud of you babe

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  14. Thanks for sharing this post about the Alcazar Cabaret show in Pattaya. The video and photos are beautiful which showcase the colorful dress of the performers and the design of the stage.


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