PanchaLingeshwara Temple , Begu
PanchaLingeshwara Temple , Begu

Did you ever lose your route on your way to someplace and suddenly explored something beautiful? Exactly the same happened to us, last week when we were returning home from a new location. We explored the Historical Nageshwaran temple which was built 1100+ years ago. This place was explored recently by a news channel. I am so excited to share my experience at this divine place. Please do read this article till the end.

History of the temple:

The Pancha Linga temple is located in Begur, a small town within the Bangalore urban district of Karnataka state, India. It is off the Bangalore-Hosur highway. It is said to have been a prominent place during the rule of the Western Ganga Dynasty and later the Chola Kingdom.

The Historical Nageshwaran temple

Pancha Linga Nageshwara Temple was built in the 9th-century temple at Begur. It has two temples inside it Nageshwara temple and Nageshvarasvami temple. The temple is dedicated to the Pancha Lingas. There are five distinct temples and all temples had Nandis. Here Goddess is worshipped as Parvathi. 

Night view of the Nageshwaran temple
A unique example of Hoysala architecture

Two shrines within the temple complex, the Nageshvara and Nageshvarasvami were commissioned during the rule of Western Ganga Dynasty Kings Nitimarga I and Ereyappa Nitimarga II. The remaining shrines are considered a later day legacy of the rule of the Chola Dynasty over the region. 

 The five Shrine are known as 

1.Sri Nageshvara with Parvathi, which is the oldest temple and he blesses everyone with anything they ask for. 

2. Sri Choleshwara Swamy- cures skin ailments 

3. Sri Nageshwara Swamy – Solves business problems and court cases 

4. Sri Kalikamateshwara Swamy – blesses with children 

5. Sri Karneshwara Swamy – blesses with good health and wealth.


My Experience:

My sister and I were lost and we were trying to find our way to the main road. Then I suddenly saw a huge Gopura I showed it to my sister, then we went a little ahead and saw four Gopuras. I was so stunned looking at the view, that we decided to visit the place. We entered the temple, and the caretaker said to us, that you guys are lucky because they were about to close the temple.

Me and my sis

After entering the temple, the energy there was so divine and wonderful. I forgot all my stress and tiredness and enjoyed the beautiful sculptures carved on stones. The Stone pillars are beautifully engraved with circular discs in the middle – which clearly reminded of the glory of our past kings. A unique example of Hoysala architecture.

We sat there, heard the stories from the kind caretaker. Took deep breaths, mediated and relaxed. South Indian Temples have always been a central role in Indian society. . Ancient temples were thus built not as places for prayer, but as a whirlwind of energy where, if people were receptive and willing, they could transform themselves in a very deep way.

Blissful Moments

Temple Timings:

All Days

Timings: 6:00 am to 7:30pm


I would highly recommend visiting this place with family or friends. The place is pleasant and there is no crowd to deal with. Special offerings happen in the temple on Mondays and Shivratri day. It is worth visiting this place.

Here is a small video that I made. I hope you enjoy it!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog! I would love to know your views about this beautiful place in the comment section.

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Stay Blessed!


  1. Ur Blogs are just Fab and when we read it takes me on a beautiful tour n I can feel the experience ☺️ Good one

  2. Ur Blogs are just Fab and when we read it takes me on a beautiful tour n I can feel the experience ☺️ Good one
    Keep Exploring Pooja

  3. Loving the natural flow of your write up taking us on tour.Keep up the good work. Looking forward to read more such beautiful contents from you.


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