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Are you planning to go on a romantic trip? Then you must read this blog till the end. Because I am going to share with you a beautiful place, that looks like heaven on earth. I will state ten reasons that will make you stay at the houseboat in Dal lake, Srinagar. One must stay at the houseboat because it’s an important part of Kashmir tourism.

Staying at the Houseboat at Srinagar will give you a Unique experience

With my love
My love

These houseboats do not move and they are anchored at the side of the lake. Every owner stays exactly behind their boathouse. They are a total of 700 houseboats on Dal lake holding a capacity of 2750 rooms. Here you will find a boathouse at a reasonable price to the most luxurious boathouses called as Deluxe boathouse. The history of the boathouse is linked to the British period and was emerged in the 19th century. The famous British explorer, Sir Francis Younghusband, is known to have credited one MT Kennard with the idea of a ‘floating house’ between the years 1883 and 1888. A restriction that prevents an outside from purchasing land in Kashmir (this remains in place) didn’t allow them to do so. So came an ingenious idea to make a home in the valley without buying land – use water to build floating homes! It was within the law and so was acceptable to all.

Boathose view
This is the boathouse where we stayed
This image is clicked by @rathizh7 on instagram

The breathtaking construction and Interiors of the houseboat

The houseboat here is very costly because of the use of high-quality wood. these houseboats are pretty ancient and vintage. Because at present there at 60 years to 90 years old houseboats standing still on Dal lake.

The front part of the boathouse has a deck or a small balcony where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful view. When you enter the boathouse you will find a living room in that you will get to see all vintage furniture like Antique Design Glass Lamp Chandelier, sofas, chairs, a small library is maintained. So if you are a book lover you will have a great time reading in this antique living room. Next, you will find the dining room with a wooden dining table and chairs. Antique, decorative lights are provided throughout.

Everything Sparkles under a Chandelier
This is the beautiful thing you will see once you enter the hall

Boathouses have the most Romantic bedrooms

After the dining room next, you will find a mini kitchen. After this, you will find two immense bedrooms. These rooms are quite spacious and which is furnished with all the modern comforts. The rooms are decorated with a British-style chandelier. Usually, there are two bedrooms for couples and one three bedrooms at the end. All furniture inside the rooms is of wood and nicely carving done to give an ornate look. Magnificently stitched traditional work window curtains are used in all rooms. Each room has an attached bathroom & toilet. You will find bathtubs in each room along with the screens. I am sure one will surely enjoy a hot tub bath in between snowy mountains.

Panaroma view of bedroom

A must experience Shikara boat ride as it is the Heart of Kashmir

Shikara boat
Picture clicked by @rathizh

The shikara is a kind of wooden boat found on Dal Lake and other water bodies of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, India. Shikaras are of various sizes and are used for multiple purposes, including transportation. A usual shikara seats six people, with the driver paddling at the rear. Like the Venetian gondolas, they are a cultural symbol of Kashmir. Some shikaras are still used for fishing, harvesting aquatic vegetation, and transport, while most are covered with tarpaulins and are used by tourists. Some are used as floating homes

Colorful Shikara's standing still at Dal lake

If you are fed up with the work pressure, pollution or are too stressed out and are craving to go out to have some relaxing moments. I assure you that taking a ride on Shikara ranks on top. The shikara boat ride in Kashmir is a thrilling experience and an adventure in Srinagar. The beauty of this place is magical, uniquely during sunrise and sunset. The one-hour boat ride will take the tourist on a sightseeing tour of the interior parts of calm dal lake to several other things to do. A shikara ride is always incomplete without a unique shopping experience. These markets include a high number of shops are situated in the middle of Dal lake. The shops sell all varieties of goods including Kashmir’s masterpieces such as wooden artifacts, handmade earrings, carpets, Kashmiri handicrafts, saffron, and even Kashmiri ponchos and shawls.

Blissful moment
my love
Romantic trip with my love

Added attraction near Dal lake, Srinagar

The Houseboat offers various activities, one can try their skills to catch the fish on the famous Nageen Lake. Adventure seekers can take Motor Water Sports like surfing, water skiing, swimming, and boating. Moreover, Dal Lake is famous for bird watching, there are about 262 species of birds that inhabit the alpine and temperate region of the valley, thus making Kashmir an apt place for bird watching. Further one can try their skills in golf as well, various famous golf courses are available in a radius of just 11 km, the equipment and rest of the arrangement can be done by the caretaker on spot. Moreover, the shopaholics can explore the famous markets like Residency Road and Lal Chowk Market are only 9 km away from the site. There are many beautiful places to explore when from Srinagar such as Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Pahalgam. I will write about places in Detail in my next blogs!

How to reach Srinagar

If you are traveling by flight, the Srinagar Airport is just 19 km away from Dal Lake. And from the railway station and bus stop, the place is just 18km away. You can either travel by cab or other public transport.

Do share you views about Srinagar Dal lake in the comment section

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. This blog is just a small summary of why you must select this place for a peaceful and delightful trip. Stay tuned for the next blog where I will be sharing a review of the place where we stayed and how to plan the budget and many more.

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