The topic ‘’Vulnerability’’ has always been very close to me. Vulnerability is defined as a place of emotional exposure, uncertainty, and risk. It involves being open to others and the world with all the things this entails. I’ve always wanted to write but along the way I had my doubts, is this really what I want to do, what if I write and people judge. I always took decisions depending on what other people would think. Until one day I luckily got to hear this amazing writer Abhishek Kumar, he was so passionate and confident about writing. I will never forget the sentence that he mentioned while getting down the stage. He said, Koi padhe ya na padhe main toa likhte Rahunga (Let anyone read my blog or not, I will keep writing). That was the most important day of my life because it was the day when I found my WHY. That same day I went back home and took a step by writing and publishing my first blog. I started writing with more excitement and after a few days I decided to go through my blog statics, I was astonished to see the results. The blog had reached fifteen countries, and that was my breakthrough. The best part was the confidence, the strength, the support, and the love I experienced when I was brave enough to be vulnerable. My vulnerability also helped my friends to be vulnerable, which helped them find their strength. In my journey, I realized that there is no shame in Being Honest; there is no shame in VULNERABLE. It’s the beauty of ‘’Being Human’’.

I believe that each and everyone at some point of time struggle with this emotion of accepting their vulnerability. So I decided to get in touch with a few amazing people whom I have seen embracing their vulnerability. And I thought of sharing their experience and spreading their good vibes to as many as I can.

What is Vulnerability according to you?

“Being honest about who you are with yourself and with others”. 

When did you take the decision to step into your vulnerability? 

As women I was expected to have an underlined demeanor especially at work place which kind of never agreed with me. I worked through it for some time however when I was promoted as Operations manager I decided to step into the leaders role and take over the command rather than just following orders. I decided to table my opinion and not let them go unnoticed or unheard. Though for a while it was difficult but being true to who I really wanted and trying to be that person  gave me a lot of peace of mind and strength to keep pursuing. 

When did you realize your uniqueness and how did it change your life?

I realized I was different when I was in school. I am sure I had no idea what vulnerability  was at that time nor can I pronounce it correctly today 🙂 still learning. Well, story goes like this. I was in eighth Grade. It was our last day at school and summer holidays were about to start. Post greeting my friends with goodbyes and farewell I was waiting for my ride home. While waiting, I started noticing women who had come to pick up there kids from school. Most of them looked tired, helpless, defeated and most importantly not happy. I came home that day and looked at my mother and she looked same. During my summer holidays it was a secret mission to understand the core reason for my mother’s unhappiness. I started noting each and every thing my mother did from start of the day till the time she went off to bed. I did this for few days and realized that she has done nothing different from her routine from the day one. I asked my mom ‘what do you for her in that whole day? And there was no proper response to my question. I thought may be it is different for working women so I asked this question to my aunt and she had no answer either. That was the day I decided not to live life on others terms but my own. It made me realize I was different as most girls my age were not even thinking about this situation. That day my life changed, I changed as a person and my idea about a good life changed completely. It was a long struggle, starting in my school days till the day I got married I kept fighting for my choices and have achieved most but not all. There is still long battle to be fought and miles to walk before we sleep 

What is Vulnerability according to you?

Vulnerability to me is allowing my weaknesses to come to light and to show, not being defeated by them but instead learning to overcome or live with them.

When did you take the decision to step into your vulnerability? 

We have so many vulnerable sides to us and for me; many are yet to be explored. But something that has personally been huge for me is overcoming my fear of public speaking and performing on stage for an audience. I knew that my message – either through my work or my poetry – needs to be heard – so about two years ago I decided that I would not allow my fears to stop me from conveying that message to the world, rather I would learn and become more confident and better in the process.

When did you realize your uniqueness and how did it change your life?

In regards to poetry I think the first time I performed my first poem for an unknown audience, about 1.5 years ago and I noticed that the whole room went silent and people actually listened to, I knew that my words and voice have power. Professionally also around the same time when I was facilitating my first workshops as an entrepreneur, not a volunteer, and I noticed that the participants actually focused on what I was saying and I kept getting good feedback from the workshops – I realized that what I have to offer the world is unique – the combination of my experience, knowledge and personality and I realize that I don’t need to be perfect – I am just in the beginning of my journey but the most important is that I have had the courage to start – not letting my fears hold me back from reaching my full potential and making the world a better place.

What is Vulnerability according to you?

Vulnerability is being able to consciously expose yourself to risk, and accepting that risk as a potential investment that can pay off later. Vulnerability is used for growth, any other use is abuse.

When did you make the decision to step into your vulnerability? 

I decided to be vulnerable after failing a few college courses due to a lack of interest. I chose to fail rather than expose myself as vulnerable. In my mind I could not be vulnerable, it was considered a weakness. I failed because I was afraid to try (an attempt at something exposes vulnerability, eg. fear of failure). After failing, I realized it was no big deal and that I could be vulnerable and strong, as long as I didn’t let failure dictate my mindset and life.

When did you realize your uniqueness and how did it change your life? 

I continue to realize different parts of myself that make me unique. It really is a journey in life to peel back the layers of you which hide the true Self. 

What is Vulnerability according to you?

Vulnerability to me is the ability to be open and honest with yourself accepting all of your flaws and loving yourself unconditionally. This in turn allows you to be open and honest with others, speaking from a place of truth, of strength and sharing stories with others in a way that inspires yet helps them open up as well.

When did you take the decision to step into your vulnerability?

I took the decision to open up to vulnerability about two years ago when I started to write my 4th book called “Life Is A Beautiful Journey” It was important for me to share life’s lessons yet also open up about my own stories and what helped me get to where I am at, good and bad. 

When did you realize your uniqueness and how did it change your life? 

I think I have always known I was unique. I have always done my own thing, never cared what people thought, and always stepped into my true calling. I don’t like to follow crowds; I just do what feels right in my heart. 

What is Vulnerability according to you?

My vulnerability is being left alone yet being strong & enough for myself.

When did you take the decision to step into your vulnerability?

Well-being true, strong headed & bold about your thoughts often leads you into a situation where people part ways from you & you got to deal with all the hatred, misconceptions & judgements of people about you for not being like others. Right when the difference of opinions started to arise & I started to lose people I realized I need to stick to my process & not bend or adjust by how the herd wants me to.

When did you realize your uniqueness and how did it change your life? 

I realized when I was a kid. I always thought, behaved & reacted differently from others in situations & that it would always be termed as being short tempered or hyper instead of being noticed as different & bold. It has made me a better person, a great observer, more human & humble yet witty & smart. It surely took away people but glad it did because who anyways needs unsupported crowd? Sometimes your circle decrease in size, but increase in value.

What is Vulnerability according to you?

To me being vulnerable is being open to changes and accepting life with the flow. It’s okay to be ‘YOU’.

 When did you decide to step into your vulnerability? 

Well, I am a no ordinary person and have been a victim to all the hurt and emotional trauma and physical injury too, in all shapes in sizes. Let the situation be anything either small or big no matter how trivial it may be brought emotion to my eyes and restlessness to my heart. I guess I was an emotional fool back then. I am emotional today too and it’s okay to be so but back then I used to feel hurt very soon and stepped back each time I felt that there is this whole world with a question mark for no matter what I do. There was this time when my soul said to me – That is it Trisha, stop thinking so much. Till date none of those thoughts have brought peace for you so stop there NOW. It was a soul calling for me and trust me I almost felt that I let go of all the past pains that I still carried along. I dropped all the extra baggage and embraced life and said yes, bring it on. I stopped overthinking, I stopped over imagining and anything that was going more than needed. The excess thoughts no longer stayed with me and I felt light, better and I knew that it is okay to express when you feel low or may laugh or express anger. It is just okay to BE YOU. And trust me what I realized that choosing not to think too much made living far better way of life for me.

 When did you realize your uniqueness and how did it change your life? 

After having gone through divorce and disappointments of many kinds, I came to terms with the fact that it is pointless to expect anything from anyone because the more you expect the more you feel the pain. It is best to keep doing your bit for as long as you can with a selfless heart and should you ever feel the burden of doing it, stop right there because your happiness and peace is all that matters. 

I still remember that I used to keep thinking even if someone refused to take my call, no matter what the reason. HAHAHA!! Today I say that it’s okay to have a few missed calls and unread messages on your phone. Let people think and judge you. You do what makes you happy, right!! And that is the time you know that you love yourself. Yes, I fell in love with myself and then chose to let nothing affect me whatsoever. No denying to the fact that I am human and I get hurt but not so much so that it plays heavy on me and does not allow me to look beyond. And when I do feel low, it is just a passing phase because there is a stronger soul within me who is vulnerable and open to each change with open arms. 

What is Vulnerability according to you?

According to me a state in a person’s life where the fear of his true self is at stake to come out is vulnerability. Everyone has a part of themselves which they want to keep to themselves nobody knows about it. It could be the weird stuff you do alone or just your thoughts. It’s just for you. Everything else is just a coping your mind does when you’re with people you adapt to something that’ll make both of you comfortable. Yet when someone dives deeper to know you, you feel vulnerable. 

 When did you decide to step into your vulnerability?

I think the first time I took a narrative to know what makes me vulnerable was in May 2019. It helped me understand a lot of things about myself. Like I bonded with a deeper conscious.

When did you realize your uniqueness and how did it change your life? 

 It was around the same time I realized I had the power to feel anything, understand everything, the power to know everything. No, I don’t mean theoretical knowledge; I mean the knowledge of life, conscious, human emotions. It showed me how the roots are developed in a person and it plays an important part in their life. Every one faces struggle, some less, some more. But the ground base for existence is the same. I mean this paragraph would not be enough to convey my point but it’s the least I could do. After getting this knowledge in me it became my power. I felt stronger than ever and gave me the power to see through the human body, straight to the soul.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog and it added some value to your life.

I would leave you all with one small message. If you are being judged for being vulnerable and real that’s not your problem. When you are real it’s is very likely that your vulnerability is triggering the other persons own fear of being vulnerable and real and its reminding them of the mask they are wearing. Be brave, take risk, be real and be vulnerable because you will inspire others to do the same!

I would love to hear from you,would you be brave enough to be vulnerable and embrace it?

I am glad that you made it to the end of the blog. This must be that it bought some value for you. So I request you to please go ahead and hit that LIKE button and also please spread the shine and share it with your friends using the share buttons below. Chances are you and me are not the only ones who are ready to discover the beautiful gift. That will help me out.

Thank You!

Stay Blessed!!


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