We keep struggling every day; work day & night and spend our entire life discovering what our passion is? We work so hard to perform a different task or do different jobs in search of passion that satisfies our inner world. Most of us don’t even know what the passion till the last breath of their life.

I was in the same situation just doing the same routine work. Then I got out of the comfort zone and started looking for different opportunities, I put in a lot of work and tried many new things. I started communicating with a different set of people who were a lot more successful than I was. I started practicing the attitude of gratitude; I started cultivating new habits; I read self-help books and it took a lot of time and self-analysis and realization to know that traveling and writing are my inner passion and that is what makes me satisfied.

Growing up in Pune my life was pretty normal. I did normal things that I was taught to do, completed my education, took a decent job in a reputed organization. I was never a traveling person, not just me but it was something that my friends or family never did. I took my first trip with the love of my life and my family to Kerala – God’s own country. The experience changed my life. It opened me up to all the possibilities the world had to offer. There, I experienced another culture; I saw the unique traditions, saw beautiful backwater, and met people from there who are extremely kind.

After coming back home, they were this excitement of traveling emerging from within. But with the work pressure and daily routine, I lost the track. Two years back a trip to Thailand opened my eyes like never before.

Thailand where there are a total of 41,205 Buddhist temples.. I learned a lot from this beautiful place the people I met. The breathtaking places I saw. 

There were so many things I Don’t know that I don’t know that they exist.

I would like to explain it with the pie chart below:

Picture Credit: Source

-What you know: I realized what I know contributed to a small percent in the pie chart. For example, I know what my work was and how to do it in and out, say some skills that you are perfect at. That’s all I knew few things and my life was stagnant, go to work come back home, do it till Friday arrives and Saturday take full rest/party hard and Sunday start preparing for work and it goes on and on.

-What you know you don’t know: Say you know or you might herd about something called Orthopediatrics. But you don’t know exactly what they do. So you know but you don’t know.

-What You DON’T know You DON’T know: I saw a show in Thailand, Pattaya called Alcazar what I discovered was completely new and unique. The thing which I DON’T know that I DON’T know. I will describe it in detail in my upcoming blog series.

I literally, started looking outside. I started to do something that has nothing to do with what I know. Since then I traveled to Thailand thrice. I feel that it’s my second home. And through every trip and every place I visited, the people I met. It taught me something valuable I evolved in every moment. It helped me sort out my life; it helped me to lost connection; it helped me to discover my strengths; it helped me to become more considerate and that is why I discovered the title ‘’EVOLVE YOUR BEING’ for my website.

This beautiful logo is made by very talented @aakreativ she is just amazing when it comes to Branding. The symbol of the tree represents strength, growth, and striving for greater knowledge, wisdom, and new experiences as we move through life. And the color green is because it’s the color of nature. It symbolizes growth and harmony.❤️

And once I did all my analysis I realized that I have to take charge of my life. I decided to do what makes my inner world happy and not what society aspects from me. With some challenges and experiences, I decided to do what my heart wants.

And then a big challenge hit Covid-19 pandemic and I had to cancel my plans put everything on hold. I guess not only me but all of us have gone through this.

I know the world is changing. Also, we all know one thing that it’s never stood still before. I can’t wait to see it all again, to be surprised and see all the unexpected. I believe I will travel anew!

The magic will happen when you will never give up. All in all the Universe falls in love with the stubborn heart.

I would love to hear What’s your favorite place you’ve visited? Do share it in the comment section below.

Thank you!

Stay Blessed


  1. This is really an unique blog on traveling, beautifully explained about your experience and finally you showed your gratitude was really great, hatsoff!!! Way to go wonder woman♥️

  2. Awesome! It’s absolutely a different perspective towards the start of the traveling article. Please get us into the different worlds through your article. I appreciate you!

  3. Congratulations for the first travel blog…👏
    Amsterdam country side will be my all time favourite place I have ever visited.😅

  4. Beautiful explained the importance of traveling in our life.. totally agree with you dear..keep traveling.. keep sharing ❤️

    • Congratulations on your first travel blog🥳 beautifully explained👏🏻Love your content❤️ I am so proud of you ani ❤️😍 keep shining always .

  5. We r so proud of you dear the most passionate one in our family. I love your enthusiasm of doing something different in life …Your gonna be very successful in all your ventures♥️😘

  6. Awesome blog 😍
    Great realisation that I need to explore all things I don’t know that I don’t know..
    Thanks for sharing your travel experience..😇

  7. What a lovely blog dear… I must say now u r my inspiration to start living my dream to write, to travel, to love what I like, what I want and whats my dreams are.. More power to u girl… The world is yours..

  8. Very well explained pooja.. inspirational!! 👍👍traveling gives us the opportunity to step away from the daily grind. The new events and experiences boost our mood and self-confidence. Keep writing…

  9. Very beautifully written, loved reading it.
    Looking forward for more 🙂
    Lots of love and wishes dear Pooja .
    Keep writing!

  10. The travel content is really super nice .u r a true inspiration to al of us😘 keep the moves gng higher n higher Lyk d Way it’s gng ❤️🥳ol d best to many more ☺️👍

  11. You have really inspired me a lot .. I really feel so positive after reading your blog and especially I really love how you are viewing the things ..The view of the person is very important because that’s determine our character . I learnt a lot from you , eagerly waiting for your next blog.


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