A few years back I was so done with my life. My life had become monotonous waking up in the same direction, getting ready and going to work and doing the same old thing every day. I was so frustrated, but my heart was longing for something more. I started looking for a side hustle, something that would fulfill me. And luckily I attracted a beautiful business opportunity. Finally, there was something new happening in my life. And these two years have been so challenging and hard but it was also wonderful and magical in every single way. From all the learnings that I receive through my Mentors and the challenges I was going through in my life. I have learned so much from that day on what I should do with my Life! I realized you can never feel wonderful in your comfort zone because change begins at the end of your comfort zone.

I started with nothing but a dream. I started reading books; I started traveling and started exploring more on how to find myself. This was not it, there was something I was missing on and the eagerness to find that missing piece increased immensely. Then my brother handed me a book (Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself- Dr. Joe Dispenza) that has been helping me to change my inner being. This book helped me realized that if I stay the same person that I was a day before, I can’t expect a new outcome. To change my life is to change the energy and make an elemental change in my mind and emotions. And it was time to unlearn everything I knew before and break all the conditioning that I have since childhood and reinvent a new self! Oh, trust me it’s an amazing journey!!

In the process, I started discovering this beautiful Gift called ‘’Life’’. As soon as I wake up, I stop asking myself all the disempowering questions. Instead, I started asking myself the higher vibration question; Who am I? What is my purpose here? What Am I Grateful for today? How can I serve today? How make a small difference in somebody’s life? What is trying to emerge in me today? What is trying to activate in me today? What power is trying to be in me today? Am I being positive or am I being negative about something?

Trust me!! These questions are gonna take you on a roller coaster. But I am glad that I had my brother’s guidance with me. He has been drilling a few things in my mind, what you decide to pay attention in life will have a huge impact on what you create in your life! He taught me to be in present and have control over my negative thoughts, instead of holding past memories. I started becoming aware of my thoughts. In order to change my external being, I had to change my internal thoughts. In the process, of asking those questions to myself I found my Passion towards ‘’Writing’’, my love for it and that feeling when I write something is so beautiful. I can’t express it in words. In life there are no accidents, I believe in the Master Plan and I am so grateful to each and everything that happened to me. I realized that the POWER IS WITHIN ME. No matter who says what I have started loving the way I am, I believe in myself and I know I am going unfold all the beautiful gift that has written in my destiny.

Different times in your life you may have different gifts to discover. At some point, as individuals may be in the process of growing, shifting and changing. But there will be a situation, whether we realize it or not that gift may not feel big enough for you anymore, you might have outgrown it or you might get the feeling that there is something else calling you. This can be a moment of crisis for many people, you will start thinking that, I wanted to be this or I wanted to be that and suddenly it’s not fulfilling me. It means that you have shifted your morph into something else and based on your foundation of all that you have learned and become.


This is the time where you have to be courageous and let go of what you define yourself and be willing to be rebirth into someone and something new and discover the new gift inside of you!


You can make good benefit of this Corona Virus Lockdown. Because right now the only thing we can do is Stay in and be safe. Why not stay in, stay safe and Discover this beautiful gift called Life?

Also remember, discovering your gift is one thing. But living up to it is something else that needs much focus and dedication and will challenge every fiber.

Forget the word Cant and take a step in the right direction. You got it!!

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Thank You!

Stay Blessed!!


  1. Such an amazing thing you shared in this blog post… Very inspiring.. rebirth happens , it happens every day, every morning to us.. keep writing.. long way to go dear

  2. Hi, I faced lot of rejection in my life and I easily get depressed because I didn’t get proper guidance but after reading this blog I got the clear vision of my life. This blog gave alot of positive energy and I hope u will enlight many other people like me, once again, thanks for the beautiful blog!!!
    Keep writing wonder woman❤️

    • It is very useful blog for all of us.it gives us more motivation to be like you pooja. You are very good example of it. keep that good work continues. Hopefully we will get more inspiring blogs from you.
      All the best👍💯

  3. Dear Pooja
    Your story is inspiring. It does convey an essense of self discovery . It is not an easy path but I am glad to find that you have courage and determination to follow it through . Hope you keep discovering more about your self and keep sharing with us all
    Lots of love and support

  4. Hey Pooja, Happy to see your website up and running! Thanks you for your inspiring words and your amazing story!

    • It’s a great blog, specially for those who reserved themselves in work, home kitchen, apart from that also there is world to find me, Thank u pooja for this inspiration post..

  5. Amazing blog which inspired me you write amazing blogs and I just enjoy, learn , get inspired…tq Pooja for inspiring me waiting to read more blogs from you….!!

  6. Very well written. Everyone can relate to it. What you focus on expands! Long way to go!
    Thank you for inspiring us boss lady.

  7. wow amazing. this is a very good inspiring blog at this lock down.. I wish more and more people read this and your hardwork pays off. god bless you dear.

  8. It’s such a lovely blog reading this gives great pleasure. Ur thoughts are loaded with positivity which is most required keep going 😘❤️❤️

  9. Amazing write up……Loved it.
    I know the power is within me and i am gonna ask the most important question to myself every morning and make this a lifelong habit.

    Thank u for the realisations pooh✌️🤗

  10. It’s a great blog, specially for those who reserved themselves in work, home kitchen, apart from that also there is world to find me, Thank u pooja for this inspiration post..

  11. First of all congratulations for the website and yes Indeed life is a Beautiful Gift. Your Blog’s are Always amazing☺️☺️

  12. Hey that’s wonderful, its really a beautiful posts and plus something positive to read in such difficult times, and also gives a direction to life there is so much more to do.
    Keep inspiring cheerzz❤️

  13. It ws really too good, every word u said is actually relatable and really inspired to be something better and do something more towards life 🤩stop frowning at what happens but embracing all and moving forward. Seen Ur journey closely…every word of urs fell right into my heart..keep moving forward dear. All the best

  14. Congratulations Di! I’m really proud of you for getting here and following your dreams regardless of all the tough times life has thrown at you. You’re stronger than ever! Keep moving ahead!!!
    As you said, Life is beautiful! Let’s see it, feel it, breathe it and be grateful to be a part of it!♥🌻

  15. Such an amazing message reflects from your words…..we all have setbacks in our life ….but to get out of this we always need some inspiration, the energy, motivation…..and you were always there as a source for these things.

    Everytime I go through your blogs I find something new & a reason to live & love the things around me in a better way.

    Keep blogging & keep us alive with your beautiful & inspiring words.

    Thanks to an elegant & enchanting lady😊🤗

  16. Such an amazing message reflects from your words…..we all have setbacks in our life ….but to get out of this we always need some inspiration.

    Everytime I go through your blogs I find something new & a reason to live & love the things around me in a better way.

    Keep blogging & keep us alive with your beautiful & inspiring words.

    Thanks to an elegant & enchanting lady😊🤗

  17. Your words are so motivating! Sometimes I really forget that life is actually a gift. Thank you for your positivity also in that hard times of corona. So you also give me a new idea for a book to read in this lock down situation 😅.

    I am already looking forward to your next post ☺️✨

  18. I have been reading most of your blogs for a while. Beautifully explained the tiny details of “LIFE”. Load of love to you Pooja! 🙂

  19. Such an amazing and beautiful blog. No doubt your words are capable of boosting a new strength and new thoughts every new morning. Your motivation, encouragement, and support constantly inspires me every day to be better than the day before.
    I am so thankful for your commitment and willingness to help me grow.

    Keep writing, keep motivating!
    All the best!!

  20. You are really inspirating me a lot 🔥, amazing blog ever I read … I understand what is life after reading it .. your experience on writing your blog wonderful .. I can’t wait for you next blog kindly Do it ASAP .. Your fan is waiting

  21. Your blogs are the true source of inspiration and empowers me whenever I am facing any challenges.. It brings a lot of positivity in me and changes my attitude towards life. I am excited to discover my gift-my life.
    All my best wishes for you 😍
    Wish you a lot of success my dear friend ❤️😘 Keep writing !! Keep rocking !!

  22. Amazing Pooja! It’s absolutely a good story that will inspire people who struggle out with low self-esteem and confidence. Nice content!! Keep it up.

  23. Absolutely you nailed it!! Really inspiring & such an emotional connect I had with the blog that you have written. Ur thoughts r deep within yourself. Loved it😍

  24. Wow such an inspiring story. I can see a little of me and connect with how we sometimes get lost but life turns around when we find a new direction. Thanks for sharing


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